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Webinar - Baby First Aid

The Baby First Aid & CPR classes give you information on medical emergencies that you may be faced with in the early years of your child life. Learn about CPR and how to manage medical emergencies you may be faced with.

Webinar - Postnatal

Get practical, common-sense information about you and your baby for the first six weeks. Learn how to do "Cath's Wrap" as well as tips and tricks to help you settle into parenthood.

Webinar - Antenatal

Antenatal classes help you and your partner prepare for pregnancy, labour and birth. These classes are designed to help expectant parents feel prepared and confident as the birth approaches.

About Midwife Cath's Village

A trusted expert in womens health, pre-pregnancy, antenatal care and education, labour and birth as well as postnatal care. She has delivered thousands of babies throughout her 40 year career as a qualified nurse, midwife, and maternal and child health nurse.
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Our Mission

Tummy Talks recognises the importance of providing information to new pregnant mums. Antenatal classes are keenly anticipated by new expectant parents wanting to answer many prenatal and post-partum questions.

Tummy Talks was created to provide expectant parents with live and free access to online antenatal classes covering all aspects from pregnancy and birth, to breastfeeding, to baby first aid and CPR.

And. Tummy Talks is free. Always.